Sunday, January 14, 2007

My Protagonist is Never a Bore!

I am among those likely to say, I have not seen the movie but I have read the book! Yes, I have this long-standing love affair with the written word. In the good books of the world, I find my so-called "metaphysics in a teacup". Yeah, some would ask, why read fiction to think about the world?

As for me, I read for the dazzle it brings to my imagination, I devour the pages for the verbal splendour, to get lost in the nimble narrative like a restless river that seeks the open sea. But more than that -- to seek wisdom within the treasures of the breadth of human experience in space and attempt to lead, if only deep within, what they call the life of the mind which to me, is appallingly exciting.

While our primal needs are for food, clothing and shelter -- I have long ago determined that books, travel and entertainment are for keeping JOY alive.Now as to books -- Other than fiction, I read biographies, ethics, anthropology, art criticisms, thelogy and metaphysics. I read the Bible and am in awe of the Almighty's monologue in the Book of Job.

I read Homer, Shakespeare, Hemingway, Joyce, Kafka, Steinbeck, Kundera, Salinger, Nabokov, Tolkien, C.S. Lewis. I love the book by Eli Wiesel and those penned by Gabriel Marquez. I also go for other contemporary writers -- even the really goofy series on shopaholics and just-not-in-to-yous. My muse -- e.e. cummings, and T.S. Elliot. I love an Edna St. Vincent Millay and savor a Maria Rainier Rilke. Well, all these over the years and not too many at the same time.

As a young girl growing up in a poor family from countryside Philippines, I was a least-likely candidate for any sort of erudition and still am nowhere near that. But perhaps, that very lack -- sparked the curiosity to find out what is out there in the world. And today, for all the things I still do not have in this world, I am a very proud owner of a good collection of books that have served me in good stead over the many storms of life. My bank account is waiting, LOL, no dinner with wine at the Ritz nor box seats at an English Opera House for me still (wish!) -- but oh I can say I live in relative plenty. And my mind is quite ready and receptive of grander moments.

Yes, I am getting to be a bit techy but when it comes down to it -- I am such a bookworm, more than anything. And yep I do google and yahooo...)))))) but my undying quote would still be "to die, to sleep... perchance, to dream..." (Hamlet, Shakespeare) !

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