Friday, July 13, 2007

My Days in Singapore

My first few weeks in SG, from July 2007 onwards

Week 1

Hello everyone, yes am still alive :) Things are going great despite some rough times. My flight was right on time. I arrived in Singapore around midnight, Singapore immigration did not fuzz much about my passport, gee thanks. So, at Changi airport i just picked up my bags and walked out. I am here on extended social pass so I am allowed to live and work here. Met some cool people to guide me around.

I flew in with my friend Rina, met her husband Vava and their cousins upon arrival. We had a very late dinner of egg noodles with charsieu sauce at a local diner. They so kindly helped with my luggages and took me to my transient house which is a pretty nice 3br on the 4th storey which looks out to a lush green park at the front.

Week 2

Indeed I was amazed by how nice, clean and geen Singapore is. From the airport mainroads it is amazingly greenlined with trees of oaks, cypresses and firs almost the whole way across the island. Birds abound. The air is crisp, a bit warm here but no smog. I can tell cause my hair smells like a rainforest all day. That's pretty much it for now. I was feeling too sad though on this first days...and sobbing quietly at night, I drift off to sleep and wake up feeling pensive....

Week 3

I miss home and family and was not feeling up to anything for awhile here. But some cool people toured me down Sentosa Island, Marina Bay, Clark Quay, the shops. The sights are fabulous. This is fashion capital to the max. I was enjoying in a way but only in a superficial manner. Not really that happy or content. But might as well enjoy Afterall I can really be such a sucker for elegant clothes and shoes and bags and hair trinkets and all the girly things. But perhaps am too old for that sh*t.

The museums and concert halls are great as well and I am so into that. But then I always drift back to melancholy. Spent not a few times thinking deeply... my heart seems "always somewhere". (Hi there peeps!)

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