Friday, December 7, 2007

My Sudden Epiphanies!

Photos I took of my first rainy night in Singapore. This was my daily walk from the subway to the block I lived in. Note that even on a downpour, the city reflects a sanguine sky...celeste bleu!

Sauntering home in Singapore can get philosophical on a rainy night. My first impression of this nation was drab and uneventful. That it was high-rise, hard-nosed living, with little if any concern for beauty or repose. Funny, I've always believed that if you want to find beauty you got to take some with you. Yet imperfect as I am, I lose sight of the truth so often. No, I did not come here cold. I came wholly me, with a bad crack somewhere, yes, but not shattered. Well, almost. But guess I fought tooth and nail to not lose it all.

For all that I have endured, despair was in me and of me, at times, I was despair itself – and it all happened at the very springtime of my life. But looking back, perhaps I never lost the sense that life can get better. I believed in it, saw it from a distance and felt it so well illumined on certain days. Now, that is what I call my sudden epiphanies! That moment, when things hidden and not well understood are, in a moment of truth, revealed to us, and we are appalled, awed...overcome with light and beauty. Of that light, it has been written-- it shineth in the darkness...and the darkness could not comprehend it....

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