Saturday, January 26, 2008

On China Rising

This is Shanghai, China which translates as "City on the sea". With festivities up in the air for the Chinese Lunar New Year, I have thought of passing on some info on anything China or Chinese that I have been re-discovering while here in Singapore.

Shanghai. Ok, reminds us Pinoys mostly of the lumpiang Shanghai, lol. ( a Philippine version of the famous Shanghai dumpling). Well, Shanghai is Asia's cultural and business center in pre-revolutionary China, where China's Communist Party flourished. Today, it is every bit the dragon that has awakened, in a complex, fascinating way, right on the global stage. There is more to China today than meets the eye or more than foreign media would have us believe. Meanwhile, forget about the black and white images of women pushing carts, think about skyscrapers and hip youngsters more tech savvy than most. More to come.

Happy Chinese New Year....Gong Xi Fa Cai !


Sidney said...

Happy Chines New Year!
Enjoy your time in Shanghai!

restless_river said...

Thank you Sidney, will drop by your site later! How ya been..