Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A World Made New

Nowhere is living on the edge more true than in living after your dreams have died. Yet we all have dreams that have died. The question is how do we respond to unrealized dreams?
Dreams we dreamt for ourselves. Whatever they were, no small deal. We must face them when they are dashed. Understand why that happened. Yet we must also acknowledge that dreams do come from deepest longings known to man. The longing to be loved. To be intimately known. The longing to see a “better tomorrow”. The need to “leave a legacy” -- a part of ourselves to create that "better world".
Some so-called dreams are dreams we build around our imperfect selves in an imperfect world. Then they are broken. Yet you live on. And the irony of that place of brokenness is that it can transform our lives in ways we never could have thought possible. To quote from my  favorite Hemingway novel -- A Farewell to Arms -- the world breaks everyone, then afterwards, many are strong in all the broken places. That says it well for me. As to dreams, let me keep on having them. If I lose all, so be it as there is nothing I could do with that. But I will not lose my dreams of a world made new. Then with its coming, I suspect -- that all I have lost will be restored to me.

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