Wednesday, June 20, 2007

How to pimp my blog?

Well, blogging hits the bigtime according to this piece. So now that I have signed up for Google Ad Sense what now? I wonder who would then click the not-too-attractive icon, shhh...No problem though as I am basically just here to claim my tiny corner of the blogosphere. Indeed as a PR/communications practitioner, my first reaction to writing for my own blogsite was "you mean I'm not getting paid for this???" But I am sure you know all the tricks, so let me in on some ways to "cash in" on this, LOLz....ugh, far-out:)

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Debo Hobo said...

First off Welcome to the blogosphere:)

My recommendation is to check out these three web sites that claim to be online moguls, but who really knows.

-John Chow
-Entrepreneurs Journey

Most importantly just impart useful info and content that you find to be of importance and your readers will find value in your blog.

Above all do not blog for the mere purpose of making money, blog because you have something to share.

Best, best of luck to ya!