Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Updates from "Lazy Blogger" :)

Corporate work can be toxic, cool that I had time to unwind the past days. Sometimes, going as far away from the computer as I can get is good for me. Two-day convention at the Suntec City capped by a night at the concert. It was good in that I was able to personally meet some of our colleagues in countries where the company operates such as key markets in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea and yes, the Philippines.

But ! the moment I was able to lay a hold on my pc, (which did not take too long :) I logged on and eavesdropped on the TED conference as a site member. The TED Conference is on in Monterrey CA. The TED website is a cauldron of ideas and a source of enormous inspiration. Take the case of Dave Eggers. In 2002, Dave Eggers co-founded a writing and tutoring center named 826 Valencia in San Francisco. Over the next six years additional 826 centers opened in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Michigan and Boston under the umbrella of 826 National.

I found several people liveblogging the event such as Ethan Zukerman. Ethan blogged about TED Prize recipient Eggers in this post at My Heart's in Accra. I discovered Ethan through Harvard blogger Rebecca Mc Kinnon, former CNN news anchor whose talk at I-Blog Philippines I attended at the UP Diliman way back 2006. That, by the way, inspired me and got me into blogging eventually. Ethan Zuckerman's My Heart’s in Accra, is among my favorite reads. I have been a lurker at his page, but never quite had to pluck to post a comment. I probably was in awe of the famed blogger and therefore at a loss for words :D. I see that he is liveblogging conferences extremely well. He gave a few tips about liveblogging conferences here. I noted Ethan’s tools: his Macbook(wish!), two charged batteries, a power strip, a digital camera and cables, granola bars (quite practical) and I’d love to have one like his lap desk.

Ok, cut to -- our wiki, brewing ideas at the Bayanihan Google group has hinted on the possibility of starting a non-profit. I would be happy to see Greg Moreno step it up from the wiki idea to yet another level of collaboration. The web is a good place to be for such purposes. Non-profits and NGOs thrive on relationships – therefore the social web holds tremendous potential to transform their effectiveness and impact. We wish to build the strategic capacity, knowledge and skills to put powerful new online tools towards achieving the changes we seek.


EthanZ said...

Thanks for the kind words about my TED blogging. I hope you'll leave a comment sometime soon - always better to be a participant than a lurker!

restless_river said...

That was "the mighty" Ethan Zuckerman...thanks for gracing this page. You will no doubt hear from me soon!

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