Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thoughts at High Tea

I have been holding up on my take, instead I'm sort of trying to enrich perspective by listening to what's going on in the world, through the internet. Lately, bloggers have been breaking news faster than the pooled might of the BBC. And blogs and discussions of conferences are so convivial and enlightening. Other than discovering many thought-provoking articles and amazing blogs, I have also been entertaining myself a great deal on twitter and other social networks. That's one way I try to keep abreast with people of various persuasions. And who knows what ludicrous things one can find along with the heavy stuff.

Lately, this has been all the rage: facebook, pownce, tumblogs, twitter -- hah, here's where I met pranksters who gets you to click a link that purports to be something good, but you will actually be hitched to the second coming kooky video of an 80's pop celeb. So, have you ever been rickrolled ?

It was admittedly gut-busting, and at first I thought, a tortuous comeback for Rick Astley. Oh, but where is my sense of humour ! The song Never Gonna Give You Up has blared in many a geeky rebel assemblage here in Singapore, I kid you not. Nope, Rick Astley isn't dead. As a matter of fact, he spoke to LA Times recently of his thoughts two decades after on his re-mixed, re-used and re-mocked 80's creation. Well, whatever you say, at least consider this rickroll chart courtesy of NewTeeVee. You guys are so naughty !

Have fun ! Meantime, let me finish my cup of tea.

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