Monday, April 7, 2008

Reporting from the Ground

I tried online journalism by writing for Ground Report.Com. an NYC-based citizen journalism site with worldwide reach, allows journalists from anywhere in the world share to their stories and then share in the revenue generated from the traffic. The next piece of their business plan is to geographically target advertising and revenue sharing.

I have been reporting for the site for the past few days and have written no more than two articles. In today's issue, my reports were featured on front page as among the most popular for all regions. I have no idea how that happened but it is something that moves very fast and as you read this, I may have been dislodged from the hotpicks. I did not link it to my Facebook or Stumble Upon, not yet. :) I was just trying to get some thoughts out there and it was thrilling in a way to connect with people where things move more quickly.

My article Philippines languishes behind in closing digital divide was in the hot category for media and tech. Go check them out, and you can do your own reporting of the news as they unfold where you are in the world.

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